7 Essential Tips for Preventing Burst Water Pipes

When a pipe bursts in your home, it is an emergency situation and you need to act fast. Water damage is expensive to fix and the longer a burst pipe is left; the more damage costs will rise. Pipes burst for various reasons including; being frozen, excessive water pressure, corrosion or a pipe being damaged due to construction for example. It’s always best to put preventative measures in place, to minimise the chance of a burst pipe in your home.

Leaking Of Water From Stainless Steel Sink Pipe Isolated On Blac

How to Prevent Burst Water Pipes in Your Home?

Prevention is better than cure, as with most systems. Pipes and plumbing in your home need regular care and attention. Contact your local plumber for plumbing maintenance services on a regular basis.

  • Insulate outside plumbing and taps
  • Leave your heating on at least 12 degrees during cold spells
  • Have your central heating system serviced regularly by professional plumbers
  • Exposed pipes in lofts, garages or basements need to be protected with good quality pipe lagging
  • Fix any leaks or dripping taps before cold weather
  • Know where your main stop valve is
  • Turn the stop valve off completely if you leave your home for long periods of time

If you cannot do any of the above measures, don’t hesitate to call in your local plumber for help. Preventative plumbing costs are way less than burst pipe and water damage costs, therefore are recommended.

What to Do If a Pipe Has Burst

Occasionally, even after taking all the preventative measures, you may still get a burst pipe. What you do next and how fast you act will determine the amount of damage is done. Here’s what to do if you have a burst pipe or suspect you may have one.

  • Not every burst pipe is a massive spurt of water. Some may just cause damp patches on the walls, floors or ceilings. A change in water pressure or unusual noises from your pipes can also indicate a burst pipe
  • Cut off the water supply to the house by turning off the stop valve
  • Call your local emergency plumber immediately
  • Do not use any electrical devices
  • Move any furniture and belongings away from the affected area
  • Take a note of any damaged items for your insurance

Day or night, AJP Plumbing provide emergency plumbing services for their valued clients. Call anytime for burst pipe assistance and we’ll be there fast. We will isolate and fix your burst pipe problem, no matter where it is.

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