Don’t Let Plumbing Problems Get Out of Control - Call Us 24/7 for Emergency Plumbing Assistance

Emergency plumbing in Brisbane with AJP Plumbing means your property is looked after before excessive damage is done. Our Emergency plumber service operates on call 24/7 to assist you with plumbing emergencies.

We're here to help! 'Call Us 24/7'

When Should You Call an Emergency Plumber?

It can sometimes be tough to know which plumbing problem is an emergency and which can wait till the next day to be fixed. Take a look below to know when to call an emergency plumber, no matter what time of day or night;

Burst pipes. This is an obvious one as I’m sure if you had water gushing into your home you would call for an emergency plumber quickly! If you can, turn the water supply off (usually by the meter) and call a plumber at AJP for immediate help.


What to do when you have a Plumbing Emergency and need an Expert quick

Our emergency plumbers are on call to come and save the day. Emergency plumbing situations can cause expensive damage in a brief amount of time – don’t suffer in silence. We take emergency plumbing seriously.

Remember, if your emergency involves leaking gas, turn off your gas source to the home immediately and call us.