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AJP Plumbing is very experienced in contract maintenance for real estate agencies, property management and body corporate groups. We pride ourselves on our long-standing, ongoing contracts with Ray White, Professionals, LJ Hooker, Harcourts, Logan City Council and Brisbane City Council.

From tenant requests to scheduled servicing AJP Plumbing has a range of contract solutions to meet all your needs. When it comes to residential or commercial property having a maintenance schedule can be invaluable. AJP Maintenance contract plumbing Brisbane help keep tenants happy and safe and keeps your investments looked after. Through a range of preventative maintenance schedules, we commit to ensuring your property is preserved.

Our team of qualified plumbers will assist with everything from planning stages to the turn of the key in your new home. Our plumbers use innovative techniques and high-quality hardware and parts within the architectural parameters of the building that are practical and affordable. Using modern techniques and innovative plumbing solutions, we will ensure your new home is completed on time and within budget constraints.

Home improvement projects are just as important as new build projects when it comes to plumbing. They can be expensive and time-consuming. Outdated plumbing throughout your home could be costing you money, with leaking or rusted metal pipes being very expensive to repair. When it comes to renovations, it’s often cheaper to replace the entire outdated system with innovative modern plumbing. With the use of creative planning and high-quality parts, our plumbing solutions will make your life easier. With our aim to minimise your stress during renovations, our team will work with you to ensure the best value for money can be achieved with your renovation project.

We have over 20 years’ experience in the supply and installation of gas and hot water systems in Brisbane, Logan and Gold Coast regions. Correct gas and hot water installation is the key to an efficient system throughout its lifetime. We deal in a range of major brands and are experienced in repairs of all brands.

Choosing a new hot water system for a new home or during a renovation can be stressful, and our experience helps to make your job less stressful. If you are looking for a plumbing company in Brisbane to install or upgrade your gas and hot water system, contact us today.

AJP Plumbing are the Hot Water & Gas specialists in Brisbane, Gold Coast and Logan in all types of water heater installation, so call us for instant hot water within minutes!

We know that replacing your hot water system can be demanding and our gas and hot water installation specialists have a range of options, including gas hot water installations, electric hot water installations, continuous flow water heater installations and heat pump installations. Our plumbers are licensed, insured, and follow strict Australian safety standards.

Emergency plumbing in Brisbane with AJP Plumbing means your property is looked after before excessive damage is done. Our Emergency plumber service operates on call all weekend for emergency plumbing situations. When you have a plumbing emergency and need an expert quick, our emergency plumbers are on call for assistance. Emergency plumbing situations can cause expensive damage in a brief amount of time. We take emergency plumbing seriously. Call Now on (07) 3290 1977 or 0421 568 884.

Remember, if your emergency involves leaking gas, turn off your gas source to the home immediately and call (07) 3290 1977 or 0421 568 884

We are here to help. Call Us!

Drains and drainage problems are a big part of what we do. Common drainage problems include recurring clogs for bathroom sinks and bathtubs. Clogged drains are another major issue and are often the case if you find you have more than one area at a time that is clogged, such as the toilet and sink at the same time. Got a stink you can’t find? We will – and it’s probably in your drains. Toilet not flushing properly? We can help. If your bathroom is flooding, get a drain expert from AJP in to assist right away!

General Plumbing Services Brisbane

If you are after general plumbing services in Brisbane and surrounding areas, AJP is the team for the job. We have over 20 years’ experience in plumbing and know all major brands. For leaky toilets, leaking taps, faulty hot water systems, air conditioning not working, central heating problems, domestic fire sprinkler system installation and repairs roofing and gutter diversions, drainage and more, call AJP Plumbing.

Our range of general plumbing services includes: