FAQ Hot Water And Gas

Some common reasons for a drop in water pressure are: a build up of mineral deposits in old pipes, damage to the incoming water line or the shutoff valve is not open all the way. A professional plumber can inspect and clean your pipes plus replace any that are irreparable.
If you always use the same amount of hot water and you constantly run out, this may indicate a bad heating element or a thermostat malfunction. AJP Plumbing can maintain, repair or install a new gas or hot water system to ensure you get enough hot water.
It’s imperative you act fast if you smell gas or a rotten egg smell. Turn off all your gas appliances and get everyone out of the house immediately to call a plumber. An AJP Plumbing emergency representative can be with you fast to remedy the leak with their gas detection equipment. Only a gas trained engineer should repair a gas leak.
Solar hot water heaters are great for the environment, have low running costs but are expensive to install. Electric hot water systems can be cheaper to buy but will be more expensive to run. Gas water heaters have good energy efficient ratings and are slightly cheaper to run than electricity systems. Heat pumps are more energy efficient than electric systems and in some areas, you can apply for a Government rebate to offset costs. The AJP Plumbing team can advise on the best hot water system for your home.