Got a Blocked Drain, Pipe or Sink? - Our Drain Experts Will Locate and Remedy the Problem

Drains and drainage problems are a big part of what we do. Common drainage problems include; recurring blockages for bathroom, sinks and bathtubs. Blocked drains are another major issue and are often the case if you find you have more than one area at a time that is clogged, such as the toilet and sink at the same time.

If it’s an emergency and it’s causing a problem like flooding or being unable to drain or flush then give us a call and we will be there as soon as we can. These issues can be quick and unexpected and nearly always need fixing fast. We will arrive any time with our emergency service to help save those horrible situations that can arise.

Types of Drain We Can Unblock

  • Sewer drains
  • Storm water drains
  • Bathroom and toilet pipes
  • Kitchen sink pipes
  • Laundry room drainage

In short we can remedy almost any type of blockage. Once we diagnose it whether by experience, tests or with drain cameras we will know which is the best way to clear it.

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Causes of Blocked Sewer Pipes & Storm Drains

Your sewage drains are generally your most important part of the plumbing for your property. These carry away all your waste from many different sources from your home. It’s unusual to get a blockage but sometimes it can just happen. Sometimes it’s due to increased load on the pipes by having made expansions or renovations in your home and sometimes its due to wear and tear with an old pipe collapsing.

Other things like roadworks, trees or other building work from neighbouring properties can be the cause. Armed with the right information we will quickly be to diagnose the problem and choose the appropriate solution. Sewage pipes generally have access via drain covers in yards etc where we can use rods, a jet washer or powerful van mounted suction to remove the blockage.

Storm water drains are often blocked due to the build up of debris in the drier seasons and then when heavy rain comes this can increase as more debris washes into the drain. Either way, AJP Plumbing will fix the situation in an emergency.

We are here to help. Call Us!

What are the Symptoms of a Blocked Drain?

A blocked drain can be caused by a build-up of waste, grease or any type of obstruction. Here are some symptoms you might notice that point to your drain being blocked.

Got a stink you can’t find? We will – and it’s probably in your drains. Toilet not flushing properly? We can help. If your bathroom is flooding, get a drain expert from AJP Plumbing in to assist right away!

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