FAQ Plumbing and Drainage

Drains get clogged when foreign objects, hair, grease, oil and silt get flushed down the pipes. Over time these can build up and start to restrict the flow of liquids. Culprits getting flushed down the kitchen sink are; oil and food objects and the bathroom suffers from mostly hair, soap and shampoo residue build up. Schedule a drain maintenance plan where you regularly pour a drain cleaner down the sink to loosen any blockages.

If you can constantly hear water running in your toilet, even after the flush has subsided, this could mean a malfunction in the system which needs repair or replacement. Hundreds of litres of water a year can be wasted if this problem is not seen to, plus quite a few hundred dollars on your bills! Call AJP Plumbing for toilet repair and maintenance.

If your tap is constantly dripping, this could indicate faulty or worn out washers or valves. These will need to be rebuilt or replaced to stop the drips. This is a simple and inexpensive job to be done by a plumber and will save you cash by reducing your water waste. Maintenance tips for your taps are; inspect them regularly for rust or limescale build up and gently turn taps on/off to extend their life.

Leaking pipes should be attended to as early as possible to prevent staining to your floors, walls and carpets. A small leak can turn into a gush of water quite quickly and can cause costly damage. Call AJP Plumbing 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to fix leaking pipes. Get a plumbing maintenance plan in place to regularly inspect your pipes.

First of all, burst pipes need fast action! Turn the water off at the supply as soon as you can, turn off the electricity and flush away as much built up water as you can. Once you have stopped the flow, you need to find out where the leak stemmed from. This needs the skill of an emergency plumber and your next move should be to call AJP Plumbing immediately, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

If you notice a foul smell coming from a sink or drain inside your home, this could indicate a build up of rotting food or other blocked objects. The U-shaped trap that every drain has, is designed to hold a small amount of water to prevent gases flowing into your home. If this dries out, it could also be the cause of an awful smell. Try pouring some water down the drain or call a plumber if the problem is water draining slowly.

Your local water authority will send you a letter when your property is due for a backflow test. This test will check your backflow valve, to ensure your fresh water supply isn’t being contaminated.

This problem could point to a few reasons like; the septic tank needing to be pumped, there is a break in a sewer pipe outside the house or a main drain is blocked. This list is not long and it’s advised to get a professional plumber in to do a bit of detective work.

There are multiple reasons for a noisy tap including; a loose washer, a loose pipe, damaged air chambers, your water pressure is too high or your pipes may have scale build up. AJP Plumbing can provide a thorough inspection and remedy the situation with maintenance or the renewal of parts.