How to Stop Drains from Constantly Blocking?

The drain and sewer system is an essential part of every home and business. We rely on receiving fresh water to our properties and having the old stuff taken away. It’s only when this stops happening, do we realise how lucky we are to have modern plumbing systems!

Drain and sewer maintenance is not thought about, until a blockage occurs. Your home or business can be thrown into chaos if sinks overflow and bacteria filled water refuses to drain away. Not only is this an inconvenience, but health and safety is put at risk. Luckily, there are many preventative measures you can put in place, to stop this happening frequently. Let’s take a look.

Don’t Pour Oil and Grease Down the Sink

Oil and Grease is liquid when entering the sink plughole, but after it cools, it becomes a sticky, solid mass. This builds up over time, eventually blocking pipes and the drain. Try keeping and reusing oil where possible or pour what’s left into a lined, disposable container, to trash when it’s cooled down.

Use Metal, Mesh or Silicone Sink Strainers

The best way to prevent drain and sewer blockages is to trap particles before they get into the drain. Sink strainers are ideal for kitchen and bathroom sinks, stopping hair and food flowing into the pipes. Purchase a metal, mesh or silicone strainer from any home improvement store.

Sink With Running Tap

Don’t Flush Anything but Loo Roll Down the Toilet

It’s amazing what gets thrown down toilets and ends up in the sewer systems. Nappies, sanitary items, cotton buds, food, bottle lids and more end up in drains and eventually getting trapped causing a blockage. Ensure your kids know the importance of not throwing anything into the toilet!

Use a Food Waste Bin for Left Over Food Particles

Coffee grounds and small crumbs left on your plate may seem harmless. But if they’re getting flushed down the sink daily, these can build up, eventually blocking drains. Get yourself a food waste bin to throw leftover food into. Some can even be used for garden compost like egg shells, coffee grounds and fruit and veggie scraps.

Pull Hair Out of the Plughole Regularly

Even if you’re using a plughole strainer, some hair may slip underneath into the plughole. Make a habit of checking after every shower and pulling up any escaped hair. Your drains will thank you for it.

Regularly DIY Clean Your Pipes and Drains

Alongside pulling hair from the plughole and educating your family about not throwing items into the toilet, it’s recommended to regularly deep clean your pipes. You can use simple products you have in the kitchen cupboard. Just pour a handful of baking soda into the drain and follow with a kettle of warm water. This should loosen any current fat build up.

Talk to Your Local Plumbers for Drain Maintenance Services

If you’re extremely careful with your drains and still experience blockages on a regular basis, call in your expert local plumbers to do an inspection. This could point to something larger in the system like tree roots, or that your pipes are past their best. AJP Plumbing are always on call and always happy to help!

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