How Do I Install a New Toilet Seat?

If your toilet seat is old, damaged or completely broken you’ll need to install a new one. While you can call in your local plumber, it’s actually a straightforward job that only requires basic tools. There are many different toilet shapes and sizes on the market today. This means you’ll need to measure up your toilet to get a new loo seat that fits snugly.

The most common toilet shapes seen are; D-shaped toilet seat, round nose toilet seat and the traditional pointed nose toilet seat. Safety is paramount when dealing with unsanitary areas like the toilet. It’s advised to use an anti-bacterial spray to clean first and you should wear protective gloves.

Guide to measuring Your Toilet Seat

You need to measure your toilet seat so you can buy a new one in the correct dimensions. While most toilet seats are adjustable to fit various toilet bowls, it’s best to get one that is the most compatible. Here are some key measurements you need to take;

  • The distance between the fixing holes. Often this measurement is 155mm but check to be safe
  • The width of the bowl at its widest points
  • Measure from the very front to the mid-point of the fixing holes

What Tools Are Needed to Replace a Toilet Seat?

Pliers and an adjustable wrench are needed to remove the nuts and release the screws. If plastic caps are on the nuts, you may also need a screw driver.

Some new toilet seats you buy will come with an attachment kit. Many modern toilet seats use a slot-in assembly. Check this before you buy at the hardware store so you know what tools are needed.

How to Replace a Toilet Seat Step by Step?

Use your screwdriver to remove any plastic caps you find. Underneath, you should find metal or plastic wingnuts. Take your pliers and carefully loosen them and you can finish the job unscrewing with your hands.

Now you’ve removed your old loo seat, you can now fit your new one. Here’s the simple steps;

  • Line your new toilet seat up with the fixing holes. Check it sits evenly all around the perimeter of the bowl
  • Slot the bolts through the fixing holes. Secure the wingnuts with your pliers
  • If plastic caps came with the purchase of your new toilet seat, push them down onto the bolts and snap into place
  • Check the toilet is in the correct position and give one last tighten of the wingnuts if necessary

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