Save Water and Money

Save Water and Money by Having a Plumbing Maintenance Plan

Most people only call out a plumber when they have an emergency. This can mean you leave a leaking tap or toilet to not only waste water, but also send more of your hard earned cash down the drain. Leaving a small plumbing problem to become large, can mean it becomes difficult and costly to repair.

If you nip plumbing problems in the bud early on, it will get fixed easily and with minimal cost. Having a plumbing maintenance plan in place means your pipes will stay running smoothly and your friendly, expert plumber will save you money and water.


Prevention is Better than Costly Cure

Setting up a preventative maintenance schedule is the best way to keep your plumbing hassle free. AJP Plumbing are experienced in setting up plumbing maintenance schedules for residential and commercial properties.

Maintenance will Give Your Plumbing Longevity

The biggest plus of having a plumbing maintenance plan in place, is to increase the longevity of your pipes, drains and fixtures. Maintaining your pipes will keep them running a lot longer and will lessen the need for repairs. Plumbing that is maintained by a professional, will need little or no repairs. Leaks and corrosion will be kept at bay and your water pressure and heating will be kept working consistently year round. No waking up on a cold morning, having no hot water – your maintenance plumber will ensure this never happens!

You’ll Save Water and Money

We probably all waste that little bit too much water, leaving the tap running when we’re brushing our teeth or overfilling that bath. But leaving taps or pipes to leak, really is just a wastage and is throwing money away.

Don’t leave a leaky tap or toilet cistern until it becomes an emergency and you have to pay an emergency call-out price. Plumbing maintenance shouldn’t be seen as a wasted cost, see it as an investment that will save you money in the future.

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