The Essential Guide to a Perfect Bathroom Renovation

Are you thinking of renovating your bathroom but not quite sure where to start? This essential guide will show you the exact steps to re-designing your bathroom like a pro. If your bathroom has started to show wear and tear, it’s definitely time for a makeover.

A modern functional bathroom, not only looks great but it adds value to your property. New fixtures and fittings save you money by eliminating water wastage and fixing struggling systems that may be eating up power. Here are some top tips for a perfect bathroom renovation.

Modern Bathroom

Take Time to Research

Firstly, have a think of your main objectives for renovating. Do you need more space? Are fixtures and fittings starting to fail? Is the plumbing constantly breaking down? Is the design of your bathroom old and you want a modern upgrade? There are many reasons to renovate a bathroom and having an idea of your exact needs will help you plan the way forward.

Have a look around at latest bathroom trends. There is much inspiration online for bathroom renovations of varying style and cost.

Plan Your Budget

Unless you have an unlimited budget, it’s likely you’ll need to keep a close eye on the purse strings. Depending on the size and quality of materials you want for your new bathroom, cost can vary from $5,000 up to $20,000 plus. Allow 20% on top of your bathroom budget, to allow for any problems that may arise like damp or termites for example.

Design and Storage Needs

Do you have a new baby in the family and need more bathroom space? Or is your bathroom small and cramped and you want extra storage? Either way, you need to plan your design and storage needs. Have a think about lights, tiling, windows, fixtures and fittings and how you want them to look. Classic and contemporary styles are a good bet that will stand the test of time.

Measure Available Space

Before you talk with a renovation team, it’s a good idea to know what available space you have yourself. Measure walls, floor space and windows so you can accurately plan what new fittings you’d like. Remember, changing the positioning of plumbing fittings will increase your costs significantly.

Talk to Renovation Plumbers

Once you’ve outlined your bathroom renovation plan, you’ll need to talk to a professional team like renovation plumbers, a tiler and decorater and an electrician. Always check that each tradesperson is highly qualified and licensed with the relevant government authorities.

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