5 Things That Could Be Ruining Your Home Plumbing

5 Things That Could Be Ruining Your Home Plumbing

Plumbing systems are something we take for granted in modern homes. They bring us clean water and take the dirty stuff away, but we often don’t treat them with the care they deserve – until something goes wrong!

A plumbing system contains a network of pipes, which if they break down can lead to costly repairs. Having a backed up plumbing system can also wreak havoc on your daily routine. You may notice signs like; nasty smells from the drains, discoloured pipes, slow running water, no water at all or even higher water bills.

Here’s five things that could be ruining your home plumbing.

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1. Cooking Oil

While oil might initially just slide down the plughole, it ends up solidifying once its cooled down. This can collect in your pipes, septic systems and drains which will eventually lead to a clog. Save yourself expensive plumbing bills by not pouring grease down the sink, using a paper towel to wipe off excess grease.

2. Hair

Hair is another big culprit of backed up plumbing systems. Obviously, you can’t stop every hair going down the plughole, but it will definately save you money and heart ache if you catch the hair and throw it in the bin Too much hair down the drain will mix with other pieces of debris, grease and rubbish to eventually cause a blockage.

3. Food Debris/Rubbish

Food debris often gets washed down the kitchen sink after meals. While a few bits of food may seem harmless, after a while it can build up to block pipes. Use a plug guard especially in the kitchen to prevent this. Always avoid flushing things like nappies, wet wipes, paper and other foreign objects into the toilet as these will also cause blockages eventually. (despite what they advertise, baby wipes are NOT flushable)

4. Tree Roots

Trees are great to have in the yard providing shade and decoration. But, as a tree grows the roots will spread in search of water. Tree roots will often find their way into drainage pipes in search of water which in turn can cause major, expensive blockages. Before you plant a new tree, consult your local plumber so it doesn’t get put next to your outdoor plumbing lines.

5. Harsh Chemical Drain Cleaners

Whilst a strong drain cleaner might seem like the best option when you have a clog, the harsh chemicals can actually Toilet suites, sinks and basin bowls. Dishwashers hot water cycles can help with flushing out grease blockages and build ups.

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