7 Common Causes of Low Water Pressure

7 Common Causes of Low Water Pressure

Have you stepped into the shower and the water just trickles out of the shower head? Or maybe you went to fill the kettle up and the water just drizzled out slowly? It sounds like you may have a water pressure problem! There’s nothing more frustrating right, when you’ve had a long day!

The good news is; you may be able to do a quick fix. Or alternately, AJP Plumbers are here to help!

There are many reasons you may be experiencing low water pressure. Let’s take a look at the main causes and what you can do about them.


Clogged Pipes

Your plumbing system contains multiple pipes and if the one that runs to your hot tap gets clogged, this can cause your water pressure to drop. Some culprits that could block your pipes are rust, calcium, sediment, tree roots and many types of other nasties.


If you have a leak, this could be causing your low water pressure. Try turning off all the taps and check your water metre to see if it is still ticking over. If it is, this could mean water is still flowing and leaking from somewhere. If you suspect a leak, call your local Logan plumber immediately.

Filters are Jammed

Sometimes the filters leading into your hot water system can get blocked. These can be easily cleaned or replaced if you are comfortable. If not, your local plumber can do this job for you efficiently and affordably.

Sediment in the Hot Water System

If your low water pressure is consistent throughout your home, this could point to a sediment build up. This is especially common in an ageing water system where rust and debris has had time to grow. Talk with your local plumber about having your water system flushed and cleaned.

Old Water System

If your water systems are old, they may actually have had their day and need replacing. While AJP Plumbing can repair many faults, sometimes it might be cheaper and actually a better idea in the long run to replace the whole system.

Shower head

Some old or cheap shower heads, are just built to emit a weak water flow. You especially find this in rental properties, where the owner has decided to save a few bucks by installing a slow flowing shower head. This may reduce the water bills slightly, but it can be very annoying trying to get a decent shower!

Novice Plumbing

There are bad and untrained plumbers out there, who will occasionally do unprofessional work on people’s homes. If an untrained plumber has installed pipes that are too narrow which take water to your unit, this can cause weak water pressure. Always consult professional plumbers like AJP Plumbing and Gas for any plumbing services you need for your home.

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Got A Leak? Act Fast – Here’s What to Do…

Got A Leak? Act Fast – Here’s What to Do…

Imagine if you came home to find a wet carpet or a big damp patch on the wall. Or worse still – you find a sink overflowing with water or burst pipe gushing water into a room. The initial reaction will probably be to…. panic! But, if you stay calm and take a few steps to minimise further damage, the outcome will be much more favourable.

There are a few first steps you should take, to stop the water from flowing. Then you should talk to your local local Logan plumber to come and help you out. Here’s the steps you should take if you find a leak in your home.


Safety First – Turn Off the Electricity

With the risk of electrical shock being far higher when there’s water about, make sure you turn off the electricity. Locate your main switchboard and switch off the power. When there’s been a home leak, you just don’t know yet where the water has gotten into and wiring could have been affected.

Switch Off the Water Supply at The Mains

It may not be instantly evident where the leak is coming from. This is why you should focus on switching off your water supply first, especially if a pipe has burst. You should be able to switch the water supply off at the meter. If you cannot find this, call your local Queensland plumber for assistance.

Shut Down Your Toilets

A common cause of smaller leaks is a toilet. You can check to see if one of your toilets is the culprit of the leak by shutting one down and then checking the low flow indicator. This is found on your water meter and if it stops spinning when you shut down a toilet, that is the culprit of your leak. If it continues to move, repeat the same process with your next toilet.

Check the Colour of the Leaked Water

If the water is a brown or black colour, it’s likely to be caused by a backed up sewer or a toilet. This water can be highly toxic, particularly if you get it on your skin. If you expect the leak contains sewage water, call your local Queensland plumber straight away. They will have high tech equipment and special protective clothing to deal with sewage leaks.

Call an Expert Queensland Plumber

AJP Plumbing are expert emergency plumbers just waiting to take your call. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week they are ready to speed to your home and rectify damaging leaks, burst pipes and any other types of leak.

Start to Ventilate and Dry Out Your Home

After you’ve managed to turn off the water supply, electricity and call a plumber, you can start to ventilate your home. Water that has seeped into carpets, walls and furniture can develop into mould which can lead to respiratory health problems. It can also start to ruin your décor if not dealt with swiftly. Start getting air circulating within the first 24 hours if possible.

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